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Grahaq is an online consumer forum created to help consumers like you avoid frauds online and find the highest quality products/services at the best price.

YOUR customer experience has the power to influence the buying decisions of other shoppers online and the power to help business owners provide better service to their customers by showing them where they can improve.

Research shows that consumer complaints and company reviews save others from frauds online. Join Grahaq today and never get scammed by a company ever again.

  • Inside access to real reviews from real people - you will always know which online products/services are quality and which are frauds you don't want to lose your money on!
  • To voice your opinion on the fastest growing consumer review forum online! Whether you have a consumer complaint or a compliment - your voice matters!
  • To have a powerful influence on the shopping experience of millions of buyers online by helping them find safe and trustworthy products and services.

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